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. king inspire us with the "i have a dream" part of his speech, the part that was the call to action was the fierce urgency of now part of his speech. in that time dr. king says we refuse to take the tranquillity drug of gradualism. we must move forward, and forward we will. if it was fiercely then urgent, it certainly is now. 50 years ago there were only five african-american members of the house of representatives. there was no congressional black cauc caucus. today there are 43 members. we want more but there are 43. they're led by congresswoman marsha fudge who you heard from and they are the conscience of the congress. in that blauk caucus we have the privilege of serving with john lewis, some of us for over 25 years in the congress, and aren't we proud of that. i also want to mention that 50 years ago, though he was not a member of congress at the time that john conyers was one of three people invited to the white house to meet with president john f. kennedy following the civil rights march, the march for jobs, justice and freedom, who is with us. 50 years ago we had the first
be a military strike by u.s. forces, the people that we have asked to serve this country, the folks that are in syria that are cowering, peace to everyone this weekend. that is "all in" for this evening. >>> poised to strike. all the pieces in place pore u.s. military action against syria. the big question this morning, will it happen and what could be the fallout? >>> deciding factors. the white house will hold another critical meeting today, this time with republican lawmakers. is that the last step before a strike? >>> the day diana died. 16 years later, more questions and conspiracies on what exactly what happened one night in paris. . >>> labor day deals and big money headlines. you might be surprised at some of the popular plates this holiday weekend. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt". here's what's happening out there. we have developing news on the crisis in syria. nbc news has learned the white house will brief republican senators on syria in a conference call today. this comes after president obama met with national security staff on friday.
. all the pieces in place for u.s. military action. the big questions this hour, will it happen and what could be the fallout? meanwhile, president obama getting pushback from overseas. we will tell you what one world leader is saying. and here in the u.s., protests already springing up across this country, with more planned for today. hello, everyone. it is high noon here in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." senior aides telling nbc news the white house is holding conference calls to brief senators on syria, possibly one of the last pieces of business before a military strike. nbc news has also learned all members of the house are invited to an in-person classified briefing on syria. it is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. meantime, one key democratic lawmaker tells msnbc he would like more information from the obama administration ahead of any potential strike. here's what congressman gregory meeks told me today. >> the facts are what the facts are. let us see what the facts are, let us make sure that we can relate those facts to all of the allies and
. >> reporter: this latest terrorist threat comes as the u.s. embassy faces violent street protests. they have beefed up additional security. >> reporter: in kabul. >> reporter: an embassy official said this is one of the most serious warnings they have received in a very long time. security measures that will take place include restricted movement. that means no embassy car will leave the compound. as for afghan staff, be they will not be coming in to work. >> reporter: the list could grow on monday. the state department warned of the potential for terror attacks by al qaeda and its affiliates. in the region and beyond from now until the end of august. and specifically citing attacks against subway and rail systems, aviation and maritime services. the most likely place for an attack, attacks possibly occurring in or emanating from the peninsula. >> i thank the strong cooperation they have offered when it comes to counterterrrorism. >> reporter: the british are closing their embassy in yemen for two days. members of congress were briefed by the vice president and other top officials. >> it is
and see her passion. and i think that transferred to all of us in different and unique ways. and that's why i'm the person i am today. >> on wednesday the actual anniversary of the march, you had two former presidents and cities around the country ringing a bell at the time your father delivered the "i have a dream" speech. tell us why that's important and why what the bell symbolizes to you. >> he talked about freedom in the speech. and in the speech he said 100 years later the negro is still not free and said let freedom ring from all these places. so we've got literally cities all over this nation including the ones that he spoke about ringing bells at 3:00 to symbolize a moment where we reflect, remember, and recommit to the ideals that he spoke about. i really believe that when you create an energy field of something at the same time, there's a human consciousness that is raised and it can literally cause a tipping point. and we need that tipping point desperately now with everything we've seen that has happened, the convergence of so many things in 2013, we need that consciousne
>>> worldwide travel alert on a day when u.s. embassies overseas are shut down. heightened security at airports here and abroad. the big question, how serious is this latest terror threat to the homeland? >>> nightmare on the boardwalk. a car plows through crowds, vendor, the young and the old in a seemingly intentional attack on the west coast. we will hear from a witness. >>> climate change. a new report suggests it's causing something around the world you might never have expected. >>> google glass experiment. what happens when you spend days walking through the halls of congress with the latest technology, a lot. hello, everyone. it is high noon in the east. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." we have developing now at this hour, 22 u.s. embassies and consulates in 17 countries all closed today amid one of the most serious terror warnings in years. most of those are in the middle east and north africa much the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert for americans, it's the first since osama bin laden was killed. it warns terrorists may elect to use a variety of me
by the state department. this comes after shutting down 22 u.s. embassy and consulates. it's unclear when they will reopen. the travel alert is in effect until next month. >> i'm quite concerned because i think there's going to be a big blow up pretty soon. i'm not sure what to anticipate because i don't know what the history is between the u.s. and this particular blow up in middle east. i'm thinking the u.s. is going to take pretty good care of us now. >> it always makes you nervous but you got to carry on. you just can't keep ongoing. you just got to go. it's the only way to get back there. >> the big question what potential threat would raise the ale alert level so high. what are officials telling you? >> reporter: they're saying it's based on fairly specific threat. they're not going into a whole lot of detail. they've emphasized that the embassy closures are based on an abundance of caution but those who have been briefed say this is the most serious threat they have seen in several years. it's highly unusual. tomorrow 22 embassies in 27 countries will close their targets. they are
the government is going to review the aid it receives and determine if the u.s. has good intentions with the $1.3 billion it gives to egypt annually. joining me from cairo is ahmen. what did you hear from the press conference? >> reporter: well, it lasted for several hours and to be quite honest with you it was really somewhat strange for a lot of the people that were there. on one hand the foreign minister cascaded western journalists for the way they covered this story and pre-occupied with that but on the other hand he also handed out packets to the journalists on events that's happening here on the ground. and portraying to them the government's side. the government in the past 24 hours has gone on a pr offensive. there's been several statements from officials addressing the events of the last few days, all of them say they are fighting a war against terrorism and projecting this as a conflict for egypt's future and stability not a political dispute but more interesting, the ambassador to washington came out with that statement that the egyptian government was trying or at least going to re
tums! >>> chemical reaction is the u.s. poised for a military strike against syria? new details today on a developing situation at this hour. >>> blood on that bridge in salma, alabama for the right to vote. >> stirring words and a call to action. will this march on washington affect change, especially when it comes to voting rights? the burden of history, what should the president say to the nation this week? 50 years after martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech. in florida, the saga of a teenage girl and her underage love interest takes a new twist. we'll tell you what she did that landed her in jail. >>> hello, everyone, it's high noon in the east and 9:00 in the west. i'm mara schiavocampo in for alex witt. >>> developing news out of syria right now, the syrian government reached an agreement with the united nations to allow inspectors to visit the site of an alleged chemical attack last week. word just a short time ago from a u.n. spokesman saying inspections will begin tomorrow. a senior white house official tells nbc news the decision by the syrian government is, quote, t
, if we don't get ahead and try to make changes, congress will force us to do things that could jeopardize it all. >> the president threw out four ideas on how to amend things. i want to get reaction, do they fear this move towards more nsa transparency could damage national security. what are people saying? >> i think, you know, democrats and republicans reacted to yesterday's press conference in a lot of different ways. they are watching the obama's poll numbers. i don't think it will substantially change the public's sraouf these programs. obama was talking about very small tailoring. he released a memo that provided a legal background for why he is doing this. he proposed a change to the patriot act that would be fairly small in the public's mind. and the secret courts. it's hard to say what the public will think of these changes. >>> let's get to the president vladimir putin. they called them candid and blunt, the pause, and calling them constructive. >> it's funny. i thought to myself, if you have a good relationship with somebody you shouldn't have to say out loud you have a good re
to us. people brought into morgues, declared dead, boom, they're moved out. it's horrific what we are seeing. >> well, egypt is moving backwards. in many respects, while the players shifted on the field, we're back to where egypt was in january 2011 or even before. obviously the military's reasserting itself, cutting the muslim brotherhood down to sizement it's hard to see whatever emerges from this will be different. but it will hardly be the in exclusive democracy that, for example, the united states has aspired for egypt. >> so the president breaks a vacation, makes an address from martha's vineyard on thursday. talk about what he said. are we doing the right thing? are we doing enough? >> i would have called it a coup six weeks ago. in terms of democracy in the middle east has been -- that credibility has been lost. that said, the united states is going to have influence only on the margins. perhaps it can draw boundaries around which the military has to operate. by not calling it a coup, we signal we're going to learn with whatever ultimately emerges in terms of a new governm
're not sure exactly where she was taken but they tell us she appears to be in good condition. alex? >> joe, when you say interviewing witnesses, is that just those that witnessed the event of killing mr. dimaggio or were there other people there? do we know anything? was it a campground? what do we know? >> reporter: it was a campsite. we don't know if anyone else was there. it's probably safe to assume that dimaggio and hannah anderson were alone. the witnesses are probably going to be the other fbi agents or authorities that were there and then we'll have to presume that they'll be talking to hannah herself to find out what happened in the final moments but also what happened during the course of the last week, since monday. >> so she's being examined in a hospital. what about her father? for people that don't know, her mother and brother died in that inferno inside that house. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we're told that her father is flying in to the area to be reunited with hannah at some point today. we don't know exactly when that's going to happen. we know that the sheriff in s
of its kind 75-year study on life happiness. what is it that makes us happy? it may surprise you. >>> hello, welcome. it's high noon in the east. 9:00 a.m. out west. let's go to the developing news out of egypt. gunfire erupted outside a cairo mosque where hundreds of protesters were in a tense stand off. the government now says it's considering disbanded the muslim brotherhood. government forces have arrested the brother and al qaeda leader and the muslim brotherhood announced the son of its leader was killed in yesterday's clashes. joining me is iman. let's get to the situation inside this mosque. what's going on there? >> reporter: that's correct. that mosque, that stand off now has ended after police managed to get into the mosque and get everyone out of there. it was a tense few hours. it began late yesterday evening when hundreds of protesters that were participating ended up at that mosque that had been converted into a makeshift field hospital. police and military and supporters surrounded the mosque. that forced the people to barricade themselves in. they were too afraid
's what they have to do. >> how are they getting around, horse back? >> we're using horse back. we're using air support to get them in the area. they're on foot or horse back. >> you said there was no explosives in the car last night . was that a visual check? >> we have an explosives team that we talked to last night that came in. those are experts. they did go through the car. during that initial search of the car did not find any explosives last night. >> did you have any method of communication? >> i can't speak to any method of communication they may have. [ inaudible question ] >> we do not have any information. we have not had any other sightings of this pair. of course, anyone with information, anyone who sees anyone matching the description we want to know about that. call the tipline. we want any piece of information that you may have out there if they think they saw the car or the pair. as we said yesterday it still holds true. we're very hopeful we're able to find these two and we hope that they are right where we are looking and we can bring hannah home safely. >> is t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)